May 19, 2023

A Complete Guide to Social Media Customer Service

Social media has become a critical channel for customer service, with many businesses using it as their primary means of communicating with customers. Customers expect prompt and efficient responses to their inquiries, complaints, and feedback on social media, making it essential for businesses to have a robust social media customer service strategy. In this article, […]

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Online Customer Service Tips
May 3, 2023

Online Customer Service Tips You Need to Know

To keep customers happy and loyal, you need to offer them amazing customer service. A good online customer service strategy will help your business thrive in today’s fast-paced digital world. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your live chat support or email service, these online customer service tips will help you. They’re easy to […]

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Customer Service
April 20, 2023

Social Customer Service Lessons from 5 Favorite Brands

Social customer service is a key component of any omnichannel customer service strategy. Brands that provide excellent support on social media often see a dramatic boost in customer loyalty and sales. Social media can also trigger spikes in customer demand that can be difficult to forecast, requiring a careful balance between staffing and technology to […]

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